Marlena Jarjoura lives in the middle of nature, embraced by Mother Earth from every angle, in the hill country of Texas (outside Austin) in a small cabin that is completely off-grid. 

Marlena is also a jewelry artist specializing in the oldest known form of jewelry making: wire wrapping. In addition to pieces stocked in her shop, Marlena creates custom jewelry and memorial art for

She is also musician, channeling spirit songs, with melodies and lyrics that reach into the depths of hearts and souls, dredging out unease and replacing it with freedom and comfort.  Find her videos on youtube.

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The Longer Story...

Marlena Jarjoura was born and raised in the hill country of Mississippi, surrounded by sturdy Magnolia and fragrant Cedar trees, the music of juke joints near her home, and the love from her Lebanese father, southern mother, big brother, and identical twin sister.

Influenced by the music and the landscape around her, Marlena started writing songs when she was 8 years old and began playing guitar at 14, and while her music has gathered maturity and smoothness in rhythm and melody, the words that poured from her heart have stayed true since the beginning.

Growing up, she connected with the lush forest behind her home and with the Native American mounds nearby; collecting stones, bones, arrowheads, and other treasures. Her family made annual trips to Arkansas to dig for crystals, and over the years, her collection of crystals and other stones grew. She still regularly travels to Arkansas and digs clear quartz.

She moved from Mississippi to Austin in 2012 after college and although she had a premonition that same year that she would be a jeweler one day, she never experimented with it until 2014, when she saw her first piece of wire wrapped jewelry. She realized that was the kind of jewelry that she was going to make and she’s been sharpening her skills and challenging herself since then. Her jewelry business has become her full-time profession and although her livelihood depends on her creativity and on her clients, the ability to live freely and as her own "boss" is the life that she always dreamed for herself. 

These days,  Marlena spends her days creating jewelry and playing music and appreciating the land and all of the abundance that Life provides.