Life is Play

It’s such a simple concept but one that can be hard to remember, like that name on the tip of your tongue or the last place you set your keys down. This morning I’d really been struggling with the idea that life is simply a game, the ultimate experiment. I was recently accepted as an Etsy Wholesaler and the thought of creating a line sheet and writing my profile was completely overwhelming. How am I supposed to showcase my brand on a 3 inch earring card?? The to-do list I was making was getting longer and longer and my anxiety was growing larger and larger. 

Then I had a flash of insight that melted my fears away: I have forever. And it’s true; Etsy doesn’t care when I finish my wholesaler profile. Retail shops don’t know I exist at this point, so they certainly aren’t in any hurry. The only one stressed about a non-existent deadline is me…



I’m not sure if our minds have a natural tendency to feel rushed, to accomplish as many tasks as possible as fast as possible, or if society has pounded it into us, reinforced it by forcing us to spend 8 hours a day in school for 12 years, completing assignment after assignment with no semblance of joy or playfulness at all. My own tendency is to finish projects as soon as possible so that I don’t have to feel the pressure of it hanging over my head. But I’d like to adopt a new attitude towards this recent endeavor: playfulness. I want to approach this project with joy and wonder, working on different parts of it at my leisure with the understanding that it’s simply an experiment, another way to express my creativity and share my story. 

There is no timeline because life is unpredictable and ultimately uncertain. There is no rush because this is my experiment, my playground and I have all the time I need! 

Marlena Jarjoura2 Comments