Finding the Inner Guide

It’s been hard for me to write anything other than journal entries lately. I feel like I live in a world saturated with self help: blog posts and online courses, wise memes and products marketed as healing. And I’m sure I’m guilty of it too, providing unsolicited advice and trying to sell jewelry by talking up the metaphysical properties of the stones I use. But lately I feel like I’ve become more silent, if not to balance out all of the noise I run across then at least to hear the birds better, to hear my own soul’s whispering more clearly. 


I feel like the more I saturate myself in social media, in endless scrolling, the more I saturate myself with other’s ideas of what my life should look like. I want to honor my own journey, whether it looks like taking online courses or jewelry classes or if it looks like getting offline and tending to my garden, kneeling over to harvest Calendula blooms on a hilltop where no one can see me. But the only way I can truly honor my life, is by paying attention to it; by building silence into my day and by observing my emotions when they arise. When an interaction leaves my heart pounding and my face flushed, there is an opportunity to learn. When my dreams wake me up feeling confused and amused, there is a teaching. There is a teaching when I’m making jewelry and when I’m gathering up the courage to ask a shop if they’d like to carry my pieces. There are teachings all around me and most of it is free, if only I take the time to stop and listen. 


So today, amongst the chatter and chaos of a world inundated with marketing strategies and money making techniques, I will find a moment to tune into myself, to hear that subtle inner voice, and to learn my own lessons from my own experiences, at my own pace.