The Arrival of Spring and a Cabin Update

Written on March 22, 2017.

Spring has arrived here on the land; the flowers are stretching their petals towards the sun and our front yard mandala has sprouted many weeds from the recent and frequent rains. I have begun to amass quite the collection of my favorite fungi, “desert seaweed”, thanks to a large drying screen that my love created for me. I like to have enough to give to friends and loved ones and also to get us by when the rains don’t come, because the water is what brings this green, algae-like nourishment, so we’ll still be able to enjoy it even in the summer. We finished construction on our bedroom at the very beginning of the year and what a lovely little addition it has been. Our one-room cabin was just fine when it was all there was, but now that we have room to stretch our arms out, it’s really lovely and spacious here. We found an 800 gallon rain water collection tank on Craigslist recently and so now, combined with our other 500 gallon tank, we have 1,300 gallons of water to use! It’s a less stressful feeling now, knowing that we have enough water to last about 3 months, with no rain. Our 1,000 Watt solar panel is still treating us just fine.


We don’t use much power at all during the day; just enough to run the vacuum every now and then and to light the closet, maybe.


Our newest project has been our garden. We don’t actually have one yet, but we’ve started working on the site, clearing the land and building a structure that can house garden supplies and a chicken coop. It’s really exciting to me. Some of my favorite moments in life have been harvesting and working in a garden, my hands in cool soil, later to make a meal from delicious vegetables and herbs, straight from the earth. I am remaining patient, content with the fact that our garden may not be up and running until the fall. I want to create it right, intentionally and unhurried, trusting that it’s completion will simply bring another part of my life in balance, and then it’s off to discover the next creation that wants to be birthed! 

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