Today, I Took a Hike

Written on September 6, 2017. 

I took a hike today. I was sitting on the couch, being cozy and embroidering a flower when I heard the whisper. I looked out of our large glass door and saw the grass swaying, beckoning me, the wind promising to caress me and the sun promising to nourish me. I slid on my pants and stepped outside, inside, stepped out of the comfort of my home and into the thrill of the Wilderness. As I walked and stopped, paused and listened, I realized that I made the right decision. I needed to acknowledge the Earth, my feet needed to touch the ground, my hands wanted to be bathed in dirt, and my mind begged to be cleared. I followed deer trails and stepped lightly, pausing after every few steps to listen and to learn. I found a clearing deep inside of a circle of juniper trees and sat down, heavily, my eyes sleepy and my breathing deep.


I closed my eyes and swayed With the Wind, with the energy circling me, swirling and swirling, cleansing my whole self like water washing down and drain. The scent of animal in Earth filled my nose, my favorite smells. Warbling birdsong danced on the air above me, a little creature making musical my meditation. I sat for a while longer, heard the donkey braying and felt my body Rising, crawling itself out of the clearing and onto another Trail. I walked and shield in my eyes from the bright Sun, my head full of fresh air and the perfume scent of juniper wasting through the breeze. I saw a flower Standing Tall and had a sweet conversation with it, giggling at the way it danced in the wind and the delicate texture of its petals. I found an old bone and some feathers and made a tiny alter underneath the tree.

I gave my moon time blood to the Earth, thanking her for her offerings and apologizing for our shortcomings.

I slowly made my way home and breathe deeply before closing the door behind me, feeling utterly grateful for living in the wilderness, amongst the friendliest trees and the sweetest Earth, feeling blessed for being home.

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