Homestead Update


Written on February 3, 2018.

It’s been quite a while since the last Land Update, so read on to see how our homestead is coming along!

My partner Eugene and I live in the hill country of Texas, nestled amongst 200+ acres of Juniper covered hills and valleys. We live in a little cabin that Eugene built by himself, the closest neighbors unseen and a mile away. When I moved here in the summer of 2016, the cabin had one room, an unfinished kitchen and bathroom. We had no running water and no electricity! 

Since then, we’ve added a bedroom, finished the kitchen, built a shower, moved in a claw foot tub, acquired electricity through solar panels on the roof, and we now have rain water collection tanks that supply the water for our house and garden. 

We have a large garden space and right now I’m growing lots of early spring vegetables from seed. We recently completed our future fruit orchard; we planted pear, peach, apple, and plum trees. Hopefully we’ll have a fruit harvest in 4 years! 


The road up to our home is very rough and hilly and my Camry couldn’t make the drive. I recently sold my car and purchased an SUV that can make the trek and it’s made life much easier! Before, I would either take the 20 minute walk to the house, or have to coordinate with Eugene. 

Life out here is easier than life in the city in many ways but harder in others.


We use a wood stove to heat the house, so on cold mornings, there’s no thermostat to adjust. Someone has to get up and make a fire. We don’t have air conditioning so the summer is a bit different out here. Most work is done during the early morning hours or in the late afternoon, while the heat of the day is spent napping or laying in the creek down the hill. 

Since my jewelry business is mostly online, I’m able to use my phone to connect to the internet and fulfill orders while Eugene takes on different building projects in the surrounding areas. Life out here is constantly evolving and changing... We're glad to have you witness our journey! 

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