My Life on the Land

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Written on November 28, 2016. 

I live in the middle of Nature, embraced by Mother Earth from every angle, and I love it. There's nothing out here, yet I know that I have all I need. 

I'm in the hill country of Texas, about an hour from the big city of Austin, with my partner. When I first arrived here, there was no electricity, but now we have a few small solar panels, so we can see to cook and shower at night. Our water comes from a small rainwater collection tank and we use it extremely frugally, seeing how long we can get 500 gallons to last. We hope to purchase another tank in the spring to help water the garden. 

I wake up each morning and look out at the land, at the thousands of Cedar trees and Spanish Oaks that are quickly changing into bright red bursts of fire on the Fall landscape. I have hot tea or coffee and start my day, sometimes with a plan, but more often than not just allowing the time to flow and honoring whatever activity (or non-activity) wants to be started or completed. 

There's not much out here; the closest other humans are a 15 minute walk downhill, but I live in abundance. After the rains come, I take my basket and harvest desert seaweed that I put into a soup I make on the day that I start bleeding each month. I also forage for other edible fungi and sometimes I come back home without finding what I was searching for, but always with some treasure, some bone or stone, or feather, that makes me feel blessed and Seen. 

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My dream since I was a little girl was to live on the land and off of the land, as close to Nature as possible. My dream has finally manifested itself and many days it doesn't even feel real. My favorite books growing up were the Little House on the Prairie series. I loved reading about how Laura helped her mother cook over the fire and helped Pa build their cabin, how she spent most days roaming the land, free and playful with her dog Jack for company. I also spent many hours reading The Girl Who Married the Moon and The Naked Bear, Folktales of the Iroquois. I read about medicine men and women, sacred ceremonies, the spirits of plants, and the deep connection we all have with our Earth. It is perfectly fitting that I am Here now, practicing and integrating all that I've read about and felt deeply since I was young. My life is my dream and I am looking forward to seeing how it continues to unfold, providing me with gifts and abundance and lessons, while I remain grateful and Awake, vowing to remain a Child of the Earth.