Relationship with Spirit

Written on November 20, 2017

The past few weeks have been really busy for me; perhaps its the holiday season, or maybe I’ve just picked up too many new projects. Anyways, I’ve been working a lot and today, as I went outside to gather some herbs and greens from the garden for breakfast, I realized that although I’m busy, one of my relationships needs tending to, just like my garden: my relationship with Spirit/Source/God/Goddess (call it what you’d like). I felt a little tug in my heart and a very subtle knowing that no matter how long my to-do list is, I must maintain my relationship with my Source. I acknowledged the feeling and promised to take a hike later on. 


I finished work a few hours later, slipped on my jeans, and started walking. I immediately knew where I needed to go, even though I live on over 200+ acres of land. It’s like my body was guiding me and I didn’t resist, but let my feet carry me. Right as I arrived to the piece of land where I was called to visit, I spotted a large deer antler lying on the ground. I walked slowly to it, picked it up, and took a seat where it had been. I spent a few moments in prayerful thanks and gratitude, always humbled at my relationship with Spirit and with this land.

I don’t believe in coincidences and I know that I was led to that spot to receive a gift: a physical gift of an antler, but more importantly, the gift of trust, of unconditional love and acceptance that only Creation can provide for me. 

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My relationship with this higher power is similar to all relationships in my life; the more that I tend to it, nurture it, care for it, and honor it, the stronger it grows. My phone doesn’t ring with the name “Spirit” showing up on the screen, but I hear the call just as loudly, and even if I can’t answer that day, I always acknowledge the call and promise to make myself available as soon as possible. And my life has changed tremendously since I have started respecting my relationship with Spirit, above all other relationships. I am blessed beyond belief, over and over again, and that empty spot inside of me is now filled with unconditional love. Anytime I’m struggling or feeling overwhelmed, I can pick up my phone (aka heart) and reach out to the one that loves me, to the one that gave me life, to the one that will always be there. And I feel safe; safe because I know that I’ll never be abandoned, because that this relationship is eternal and Everlasting. 

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