Custom Pieces

Each piece of jewelry that Marlena creates happens like a journey, like Life, an open path with no where to go but farther along. A pendant, earring, or ring all start out the same: a stone and coiled wire, representations of what raw nature looks like and nature shaped by humans. The two come together to create a symbol, a shield, a relic of the synergy that exists between us and our environment. She begins by creating a frame, a container in which the stone will sit, much like our lives begin inside a container of sorts, the abstract birthed into form, protected by the boundaries of our bodies. 

The frame begins to take shape as she manipulates the wires into different patterns, or components. She doesn't often begin with a set plan as to what components she will create in each piece, instead trusting that with the tools and her hands, she can be the channel for how the stone wishes to be displayed. She spends hours on pieces, sometimes listening to music but often sitting in silence, allowing the monotonous motions of hands to put busy mind into a restful, observant, reflective space. She hopes that the piece of jewelry you choose acts as a talisman, a soothing reminder that Life is simply a journey, with no where to go but farther along. 

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